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Our Services

We offer a rock breaking service where we will go to a site or house, building site, construction site etc. We explain how we go about the rock breaking. We will then send you quote with all the details you need to know on the methods ...

Stonetech Demolition Agent

Stonetech is a highly expansive powder used in dimension stone or quarrying industry, mining industry and it is also used for the breaking of all kinds of concrete and reinforced concrete. Stonetech maximizes production time, product output and avoids waste of valuable stone in the mining and quarrying industries.

Our own equipment

We have all our own equipment for our tasks. We offer a service where we will do all the drilling, mixing and pouring, as well as drilling and charging if we are going to use the RBC’s. We have all our own equipment for these tasks and it is our speciality.

Our Promise

With a combined 16 years experience in the rock breaking industry. By using our eco-friendly methods in conjunction with the environmentally sensitive products, we are able to give you the best solution, at the most affordable prices.

Client Testimonials

Some of companies that have used our products & services are:Randburg Water, WBHO, Sasol Refinery, Protech Khuthele, Group 5, Balwin Properties , Sivukile Construction,Sea Kay Engineering...

Our Company Map

P.O. Box 1453
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12am

Range of Application

Site specific solutions domestic or industrial in :
Rock breaking
General trenching
Leveling Boulders
Rock Splitting
Concrete and Reinforced concrete demolition

Some of our clients are:
Protech Khuthele


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